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In Bishnupur Rasmancha is a building of highest tourist attraction. This monument, built by Mallabhum king Hambir Malla Dev (aka Bir Hambir) in c. 1600 AD, has its own historical and social importance too. Until recently..

Shyamrai Temple

Shyama Rai Temple was built by the Malla king Ragunath Singha (pronunciation: sing-ho) in 1643 AD. The temple is a ‘pancha ratna’ or ‘five towered’ temple that stands on a low laterite platform. The central tower is an octagonal..

Jor-bangla Temple

Jor-bangla temple, also called Keshta Rai Temple, has a typical architecture that is found in the southern part of Bengal. The temple was built by Malla King Raghunath Singha (pronunciation: sing-ho) in c.1655.

Madanmohan Temple

Madanmohan temple was built by Malla king Durjan Singha (pronunciation: sing-ho) in 1695 AD. It is relatively a bigger Eka-Ratna temple compared to other similar temples in Bishnupur and is important too.

Kalachand Temple

Kalachand temple was built by Malla king Raghunath Singha (pronunciation: sing-ho) in 1656 A.D on a low platform of laterite blocks. This ‘Eka-Ratna’ or ‘single towered’ temple is made of rust-coloured laterite.

Jor Mandir

Though known as Jor Mandir (meaning pair of temples), it is actually a complex of three Eka-Ratna temples: Two big temples of same size and a small one. These temples were built by Malla King Krishna Singh (pronunciation: sing-ho) in 1726.

Radha-Govinda Temple

Radha-Govinda temple was built in 1729 AD by the Malla king Krishna Singha (pronunciation: sing-ho) who was the son of king Gopal singha. This ‘Eka-Ratna’ style temple is made of rust coloured laterite.

Radha Madhav Temple

Radhamadhav temple was built in 1737 AD by the queen Churamanidevi of Malla king Bir Singha (pronunciation: sing-ho). This ‘Eka-Ratna’ style temple made of rust coloured laterite covered with stucco work

Nandalal Temple

Nandalal temple was built in the second half of seventeenth century. It is a ‘Eka-Ratna’ style temple made of rust coloured laterite. The temple constructed on a low platform has a square base and Bengali ‘chala’ type curved roof.

Sareswar Temple, Dihar

These twin temples are dedicated to Mahadev and located in the village of Dihar which is 8 km distant from Bishnupur. You will see a Nandi Bull seated at the entrance of the Sareswar Temple as if it is protecting it.