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Jor-bangla temple, also called Keshta Rai Temple, has a typical architecture that is found in the southern part of Bengal. The temple was built by Malla King Raghunath Singha (pronunciation: sing-ho) in c.1655. The structure resembles two traditional ‘do-chala’ village huts put together side by side. One of them serves as a porch and the other, which is behind the former, serves as a shrine. The curved roof of this pair of huts is surmounted by a ‘char-chala sikhara’. The base of the temple is a square of size 11.8m X 11.48m, and the

height above the platform is 10.7m. The walls are decorated mostly with terracotta panels describing scenes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata along with floral and geometrical patterns. In fact, the details are so rich it narrates the whole story visually. For more detail please see ASI notice.