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Kalachand temple was built by Malla king Raghunath Singha (pronunciation: sing-ho) in 1656 A.D on a low platform of laterite blocks. This ‘Eka-Ratna’ or ‘single towered’ temple is made of rust-coloured laterite. The temple has a square base of 11.1m X 11.1m and a height of 9.2 m above the platform. The roof of the temple is typical Bengali ‘chala’ type. There is a circumambulatory corridor around the main shrine. The structure has three arched openings on each of the four sides and a ‘sikhara’ or tower (Ratna) on the curved roof. This is probably the earliest ‘Eka-Ratna’ temple found in Bishnupur.

There is an ‘amlaka’ on the top of the ‘sikhara’. The frontal facade of the temple is decorated with various events of contemporary life as well as mythological stories of ‘Krishna Leela’. For more detail please see ASI notice.