Hotel Annapurna

Radhamadhav temple was built in 1737 AD by the queen Churamanidevi of Malla king Bir Singha (pronunciation: sing-ho). This ‘Eka-Ratna’ style temple made of rust coloured laterite covered with stucco work has a square base of 11.1m x 11.1m and height 9.2m above a low platform. The roof of the temple is a typical Bengali ‘chala’ type surmounted by a ‘sikhara’ or tower. Around the innermost sanctuary where the idol is kept, there are covered porches on all four sides. Unlike most other temples of Bishnupur, only on two sides of the temple there are three arched openings.

These two sides are decorated with laterite and stucco art works of floral and geometric patterns and human figures including scenes from ‘Krishna Leela’ and other mythological stories. It has a beautiful Bengali ‘hut’ like structure as the entrance. For more detail please see ASI notice.