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In Bishnupur Rasmancha is a building of highest tourist attraction. This monument, built by Mallabhum king Hambir Malla Dev (aka Bir Hambir) in c. 1600 AD, has its own historical and social importance too. Until recently, this was the place to celebrate Vaishnava Ras festival for entire Bishnupur. During that period, Radha Krishna idols of all the temples of Bishnupur town were brought there to be viewed and worshipped by the citizens. This annual festival was held till 1932.

From architectural point of view this building is unique and is dissimilar to any other temple of Bishnupur. The temple stands on a square platform of size 24.5m X 24.5m built of Laterite blocks. The square foundation is 1.5m high. Above the platform, there is a brick structure of 12.5m high. The roof has a pyramidal summit surrounded by ‘Chala’ type structures. Entire ceiling is supported by 40 pillars and arches on four sides which are decorated with art work of flowers and human figures. The internal chamber of the shrine is enclosed by three consecutive circumambulatory galleries and topped by a colossal pyramidal crown above. For more detail please see ASI notice.