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Shyama Rai Temple was built by the Malla king Ragunath Singha (pronunciation: sing-ho) in 1643 AD. The temple is a ‘pancha ratna’ or ‘five towered’ temple that stands on a low laterite platform. The central tower is an octagonal and the other four are square. The base of the temple is a square of size 11.4m X 11.4m, and the height above the platform is 10.7m. It consists of an ambulatory pathway with a porch opened by three arches on the four sides of the temple. The roof of the temple is typical Bengai ‘chala’ type and the walls are decorated with most intricate terracotta arts.

Along with usual forms like flowers, animals etc. the terracotta relief panels depict the scenes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata including the life of Krishna. For more detail please see ASI notice.